FAQ - Candidates

AcchaJob is an online career portal. Our service platform provides innovative online recruitment tools for companies and jobseekers, making posting and finding a job more interactive, easy and efficient.

Registered companies can post job postings that jobseekers can find and apply for.

We are not involved in the selection process of the companies in any way. Every company uses its own methods and procedures.

In order to avail the best of our services, employers and jobseekers must first register on our website.

In this section you can access your profile, resumes, latest applications and job opening notifications at a glance.

At AcchaJob we offer the following services:

  • Insert your resume and begin to apply for the positions offered by companies.
  • Upload multiple resumes and cover letters (upto 5) along with a photograph.
  • Apply for job openings from various companies.
  • Search multiple job postings based on keywords like
  • Area of expertise
  • State or country
  • Type of contract
  • Minimum salary
  • Offer date
  • Minimum experience required etc.
  • Search companies by:
  • Name
  • Type of industry
  • State or country
  • Receive job postings defined by cities or countries via email.
  • See the status of your application in real time ("Received", "In process", "Finalist" or "Discarded").
  • Send your AcchaJob resume to any company, even those who are not registered on our site.
  • Send job postings to friends that may be interested in the position.

If you have found an interesting posting and believe that your resume fits with the company's requirements, you can apply for it by sending them your resume.

To do so, access the posting and click the "Apply for this position" option. Enter your email and acchajob account password. Then select the resume you wish to send (if you have more than one) and the cover letter that you want to attach (optional). Then click on "Apply Now". In some cases, you may have to answer some questions from the company to give them more information about your abilities and knowledge.

You can check which stage in the selection process your application is, by going to "My Account". Under "My Applications", you will then see one of the following labels next to each entry:

  • Received: the company has received your Resume but has not yet reviewed it.
  • In process: you have gone through to the selection stage but it does not mean you have been selected.
  • Discarded: the company thinks your Resume is not a good match for the position.
  • Finalist: the company is interested in your Resume and you have to wait for them to contact you to inform you whether or not you have been offered the job.

This service allows you to send your resume to any email address. This is a useful option should you wish to send your resume unsolicited to a company that is not on AcchaJob, or perhaps respond to an advert published in a newspaper. To do this, access My Account from the home page by entering your email and password. Once you have entered My Account, click on "Send resume by email". You will then need to complete a short form, provide the email address you wish to send to, and then click on "Send resume". If you wish to view the message that the company will receive, click on "Preview" before sending.

A record of any emails sent will be stored in "Consult? emails sent", displaying the date sent, the reference you have included and the email address you sent to. Please note that this information is only stored for a six-month period.

If you have forgotten your password you can ask us to resend it to you by email from the AcchaJob "Sign in" page. Just below the boxes where you enter your email and password you will find the link "Did you forget your password?".

Click on the link and in the popup that opens up enter the email you provided when registering and click on "Send email". You will shortly receive a message in your inbox with instructions on how to reset your password.

Companies carry out their recruitment processes according to their own internal policies. AcchaJob is only responsible for posting the job vacancies and maintaining the database containing candidate resumes. We have nothing to do with the company's internal recruitment processes.

You can find the status of your applications in your dashboard (My Account).Some companies contact all the applicants by telephone or email, whether they intend to interview them or not. Others only contact those they have selected as being "Finalists". However, even then, not all companies actually make contact with all the finalists.

If you have registered with AcchaJob but you haven't applied for any positions posted by companies you will most likely not receive any job offers. You have to apply for a position that has been posted in order for the company to know that you are interested in the vacancy.

On the AcchaJob home page, you will see a search box where you can specify the fields for your search (by entering a keyword and the location where you want to work). Once you have done a search, select the posting(s) you are interested in. To send your Resume to a company, click on "Apply for this position". The system will ask you to enter your email address and password. You can then select the Resume you wish to send along with a Cover Letter (optional). The company will receive your application and then contact you should they wish to continue with the process.

You can make any changes to this service using My Account, by clicking on the "Edit" option under "Job Alerts".

Change the settings for country, state, category or the name of the Alert and click on "Save Alert".

If you need to delete one of the Alerts that you created, simply click on the "Delete" icon.

For security reasons and in order to protect users, AcchaJob has set the session to expire after 60 minutes of inactivity. This means that if you haven’t used the page during this period of time, the session will close and you will have to re-enter your login details in order to access your account.

This security feature is used in most of the pages requiring authentication.

We suggest that when using a public computer, you ensure that you close the browsing session as well.

You can choose to cancel your registration from AcchaJob or just from some of the services offered at any time.

  • 1. Unsubscribing from AcchaJob (remember that in order to use our service again, you will need to restart our membership process ). In order to unsubscribe completely, use My Account, clicking on "unsubscribe". Fill in the two fields and click on "Cancel Account" This will remove you from all AcchaJob services. If you have found work, you do not need to cancel your account with AcchaJob. If you prefer, you can simply unsubscribe from email alerts.
  • 2. Unsubscribing from email job alerts To turn off automatic email alerts, go to My Account. Click on the link "Job alerts" and then choose the option "Disable" to stop receiving job postings by email.

FAQ - Company

At AcchaJob you can register for free and enjoy the following services:

  • Post job vacancies in real time in just a few steps.
  • Take total control of your job postings at all times.
  • Create up to 10 Recruiting or Filter Questions to effectively select the best qualifying candidates.
  • Receive resumes and cover letters in real time.
  • Classify the resumes in the selection folders "Received", "In process", "Finalist" and "Discarded".

Yes, from My Account click on the option "Notification of new resumes". Choose the frequency and accept the changes.

The "Update" service means that your postings will be displayed among the new postings posted for that day, and will therefore always appear in a preferential position where they can be easily viewed by candidates. This is a way of optimizing the effectiveness of your postings by ensuring they remain current.

To update your postings, access My Account and click the "Update" link under each posting.

On the Acchajob page click on "Employers post a job". Carefully complete the registration form . The fields marked with a red asterisks are compulsory.

Once you have completed the process you are then registered and can begin posting offers. However, these won't appear on the page until you have received a telephone call from the AcchaJob Customer Service department to validate your registration details. This process is essential in order to assure our candidates that the companies offering employment are reliable.

This process only needs to be done once. Once your company details have been completed,you will be able to access My Account using your email and password. Here you can change your login details, edit, modify or delete job postings, and view the resumes of the candidates who have responded to your vacancies.

Click on the "Sign In" link and enter your email and password to access My Account.

In My Account you will see a list of all the vacancies you have posted. At the top of the page, you will find a number of boxes that enable you to filter the postings (active, inactive, draft or all).

Each offer is shown on a separate row in the list. Clicking on "Edit" will open the offer form and allow you to change any fields you choose. Remember, however, that you are unable to modify the "Position", "Country" or "Category" fields.

When you have made the changes you require, simply click on "Save". Your offer will now be updated with any changes you made.

Click on the "Sign In" link and enter your e-mail and password to access My Account. By default, this page will show all the currently active vacancies. If you wish to view your vacancies according to their status, (active, inactive, draft or all), mark the checkboxes on the top part of the screen and click the "Apply" button.

On the far right of each offer, you will see four coloured areas. These refer to the following: blue for resumes that have been received but not yet classified; yellow for those in process; green for finalists, and red for those that have been rejected. If you click on any of the colours you will see the resumes that are contained in each of these four folders.

If you are interested in a candidate, just click on their name. This will display their details along with their cover letter (if the candidate has chosen to send one), followed by their resume.

IMPORTANT: It is essential to properly classify the resumes you receive. Once you have reviewed the candidate's resume, it is important to your classify their application, marking it as "In Process", "Finalist" or "Rejected", as the candidate is able to view this information. If the candidate sees that their application hasn't progressed from the "Received" folder, they may lose interest in the posting. To classify the resumes you receive, open a resume and select a destination from the "Move selected resumes to" list. "Finalist" means you are interested in the candidate and will probably contact them to arrange an interview. "In Process" means you are still evaluating the candidate, and "Discarded" is for candidates you wish to rule out of the selection process.

When a candidate applies for your job vacancy, you will receive the application in your private account

We recommend that you manage the applications you have received by moving them to the appropriate folder (processed, rejected, or finalist) so that you can see at a glance what candidates are in which stage of the selection process. By moving the applications to the corresponding folders, the candidate too can monitor the status of their applications. If you move someone to the Finalist folder s/he will expect you to contact him/her by e-mail or telephone.

You can contact candidates directly by using details from the application.

Go to the "Sign In" option and enter your email and password. From My Account, click on "Cancel Account" and type your password. You must now fill in the fields in the form and send the information. Once this process is carried out correctly your company will be unsubscribed.

When reviewing the resumes received in response to an offer, you will see a list of all the candidates and three columns showing their professional experience, education and place of residence. If you select any of these elements, the system will filter the candidates to only show the details you have specified. The filter works in real time and enables you to quickly view specific details for the candidates you are most interested in.


Pending postings are those that you placed when registering at AcchaJob, but are waiting for your company to be validated before appearing on our site.

You will receive a telephone call from our Customer Service department to validate the information provided and, this way assure the maximum reliability to the candidates who should decide to apply for the vacancies posted on the website.


These are vacancies which candidates can view and respond to by sending their resumes.


These are vacancies which were previously active but are no longer visible to candidates. They act as a record, showing the resumes that were received for a particular vacancy, but no further applications can be made for the vacancy as the posting is no longer visible on the website.


A draft posting is one that is still not posted on the web page. When the posting is in this state you can add open questions and Recruiting Questions, or modify existing ones.

When creating a new posting, it's best to consider well what recruiting questions to ask the candidates because once the offer is published, the questions cannot be changed. This ensures that all applicants are judged on the same criteria. If it is not yet clear what questions the candidate should be asked, it's better to "Save as Draft" and finish it later.

Recruiting or Filter Questions are a series of multiple choice questions that the candidate must answer. Each answer is assigned a score so that the resumes can be classified according to the responses given by each candidate.

You are able to create a maximum of 10 questions per offer and assign 5 answers with a different score.

This tool enables you to organise the resumes you receive according to the score they obtain through the responses to your questions. This way, instead of having hundreds of resumes to look through, you can begin with those that achieved the highest scores.

An offer can be posted for 60 days, although this period can also be prolonged if required. When this time expires the offer is auto-archived as "Inactive" and will not be visible to candidates.

If you wish to stop your postings from being removed from the website, you can do this in the 5-day period prior to their expiry date. If you edit the posting during this period, you will have the option to "Renew". Selecting this option will mean your postings will be visible for another 60 days.

In the "My job postings" section select the icon "Edit" for the posting you wish to renew.

For further queries please contact us.

Looking for any help please call the number given and ask for the support. Our support executive would attend you straightaway.

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