What to Do if Your Age Is an Issue in a Job Interview and Career

In this day and age, it is rare for an interviewer to ask a direct question about the age of a candidate. That's because asking how old you are, even in a roundabout way, is one of the things interviewers aren't supposed to do when conducting a job interview. However, age discrimination is still a significant issue for many older job seekers.

How to Respond if an Interviewer Seems Concerned About Your Age
An unethical or untrained interviewer could pose a direct query about your age.

Occasionally, a recruiter might fish around with questions that might yield some insight about your age, like asking when you graduated from college. In many cases, it is more common for interviewees to sense some concern or hesitation on the part of the interviewer.

It isn't just the presumption that an applicant is "too old" that is a concern for employers. Rather, it is the assumption (often an erroneous one) that older employees will be lacking in some critical qualities which will impact job performance.

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How to Choose a Career Counselor or Coach

If you are uncertain about your job or career goals, then you might consider engaging the services of a career counselor or coach to help you clarify your situation.

What is a Career Counselor?
A career counselor is a professional who helps clients to plan their career and achieve their employment goals.

Career counselors and coaches work with clients to teach them strategies on how to successfully find new or different employment.

Career counselors are employed by state departments of labor, community agencies, school systems, two and four-year college career offices, and private counseling firms.
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Tips for Starting a Career in Advertising

Interested in starting a career in advertising? Advertising pros create paid ads for television, radio, print and online media, and devise strategies for effectively targeting specific consumer groups who might purchase products or services. This work is carried out by advertising and media agencies on behalf of client organizations and also by internal marketing staff for their own organizations.
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Make the Most of Your Career

Part of enjoying your career is getting the absolute most out of it each and every day. Are you maximizing your potential? Are you taking every step possible to excel in your job? If not, then you need to get on track and work for your success. You only get out of your career what you put into it. Heed the advice below to make the most of your career.
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